Pre-stretch film is a thin, elastic material that is used to wrap pallets or pack various products. It is a type of stretch film that is produced with a preset stretch ratio. This means that the film is stretched before it is applied to the pallet or product, resulting in reduced wrapping effort.

How does pre-stretch film work?

The pre-stretch film comes in rolls, which are then placed on the pallet wrap. A pallet wrapper is a device used to wrap foil around a pallet or product. When using pre-stretch film, it is fed through the wrapping device and stretched to the desired stretch ratio before being applied to the pallet.

Advantages of pre-stretch film:

Expense reduction:

  • Since pre-stretch film is stretched before application, less film is used for each wrap, resulting in lower packaging costs. In addition, a smaller amount of foil means less waste, which is environmentally friendly.

Improved product safety:

  • Pre-stretch film provides strong and solid protection to products during transport and storage. Its elasticity allows the foil to adhere firmly to the products, preventing them from moving and damaging.

Increased efficiency:

  • Due to the reduction of the effort required for wrapping, pre-stretch film enables faster and more efficient packaging. This can result in increased productivity and reduced packaging time in an industrial environment.

Simple application:

  • Pre-stretch film is easily applied to pallets or products, without the need for special tools.