2B ltd. was founded in 2002 in Velika Kladuša, and its main activity is production and distribution of different types of self-adhesive tapes for domestic and industrial use, and distribution of pallet packing and sealing machines.

The company was founded with joint investments of domestic and Dutch capital, and its strategic partners include Van de Borne, a well-renowned Dutch company, and Monta, a German self-adhesive tape producer.

For over 20 years 2B has been successfully present on the market as the only self-adhesive and masking tape producer in Bosnia and Herzegovina, and from 2018 it is the only producer of ECO packing products. 

Following its ambitions development strategy, the 2B puts focus on technological innovations and human resource development, as well as strong partnership with its clients.  That is why the list of references of the 2B include the largest production and trade brands in Bosnia and Herzegovina, and, together with sister companies 2B Solvent in Zagreb, Croatia, it exports most of its production to the EU and CEFTA market. 

Speed and flexibility


Our distribution and partnership network enables us to deliver any type and quantity of products within the shortest timeframe on the market, and our own production makes it possible to respond to the needs of the buyers in a simple, fast and flexible way.

Reliability and partnership


Most of our team has been with us from the very beginning, and over the years we have grown to be a group of professionals with strong allegiance to the company and commitment to our mission. Only as such were we able to build fair, reliable and lasting relationships with our partners and clients that we cherish.



Our palette of products is dominated by recyclable and environmentally acceptable tapes and adhesives. The guidelines of our development and technological innovations are the sustainable operations and environmental protection standards.