Polyester tape (PET) is a continuous tape made of different materials, in this case polyester, whose main purpose is to strengthen the material.
It is especially used in various industrial sectors to secure pallets of different products, usually with the help of specialized machines; for securing goods during transport or in the construction sector as a fastening element.
PET tapes have the highest initial tension that can be applied and held for longer periods of time compared to other plastic tape materials.
PET tapes are characterized by very stable tensile strength and very high elongation. These characteristics are the most important factors for a safe and reliable fastening method. Unlike steel or chain webbing, PET webbing has a high stretch that can absorb shock and impact during shipping and handling much better than chain or steel webbing.
The advantages of using polyester tapes provide superior mechanical characteristics:

° Grade at steel level
° Tensile strength with extended elongation and outstanding tension retention capabilities.
° There is no damage or contamination of the packaging goods.
° Resistant to corrosion and UV radiation.
° High shock absorption during transport shocks.
° Less pressure on the edges of the package.
° Safe and clean handling compared to chain or steel belts.