Samoljepljiva traka od naboranog, reljefnog vinila i solventnim ljepilom. Sljedeće prednosti čine je pogodnom za široku primjenu u različitim industrijskim granama i domaćinstvu:

  • Izrazita čvrstina i vodootpornost
  • Izvrsno prijanjanje na različite površine
  • Dobra otpornost na toplotu i hladnoću


  • Visoka ljepljivost i izdržljivost
  • Odlična otpornost na toplotu – do cca +120ºC u trajanju od 90 minuta
  • Otpornost na hladnoću – do cca -20ºC
  • Lako odmotavanje bez tragova

Duct Adhesive Tape is a very strong, multi-purpose tape that is also waterproof. There are hundreds of products that
can be made more successful with the use of duct tape, and since duct tape now comes in a wide variety of sizes,
you can choose any type you like for the project at hand.

– External UV-resistant adhesive tape maintains versatile performance when exposed
bad weather
– Cleanly removed for up to six months from most opaque surfaces even after exposure to sunlight and weather
– It sticks immediately and stays for up to a year without deterioration

– One of the biggest advantages of duct tape is that it is very strong and versatile, and it is also
flexible enough to be used for various projects. People used duct tape to make it
handbags, wallets, artificial flowers, backpacks, ornaments and textbook covers.
– It can be used for many purposes, and most users love it for its ability to stick to
most items and to be used for cheap and quick repairs.